Christian band the Day Of rocks with infectious passion

February 28, 2008 at 8:00 am (Adult Album Alternative, Alternative Rock, Contemporary Christian) (, , , , , , )


Derek’s New Music Bin

Artist: The Day Of

Album: Awaiting Take Off

Rating: 8/10

Official Website:

Written by Derek Jensen

I don’t think the Day Of will have to await taking off for very long. This is certainly one of the most polished and nicely packaged unsigned Christian alternative groups today. I sincerely doubt that this band, if they decide to stick together for the long haul, will remain unknown for that much longer. Rockers like “It Should Have Been Me” and the Coldplay-like “You Don’t Have to Do This” present a group that is on the verge of busting out of the gates – and they know it. You can hear the confidence in Nick Hickman’s voice; his passion is infectious, making you hum nearly every chorus on this CD no matter what your spiritual background is. 

This is a band that is aware of what they’re doing and capable of. Too many rock groups these attempt the clash of hip-hop and rock and fail miserably, humiliating themselves. (I won’t name names.) But the Day Of do not stumble in that regard, tossing in raps on “Be With You” and “You Don’t Have to Do This” with skill and style. There are some moving mellow moments, too, such as “The God You Are to Me.” 


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