Waxapples deliver summer fun on ‘Glitter & Grime’

June 18, 2008 at 5:08 am (Alternative Rock, Indie Rock) (, )

Artist: Waxapples

Album: Glitter & Grime

Rating: 9/10

Official Website: http://www.waxapples.com

Written by Sabrina Tinsay

What time is it?! The season is here, the weather is starting to shift, and the flowers already have finished blooming. It’s summer time!  There’s time for everything, especially time to chill and listen to catchy tunes while driving down a nearby freeway listening to Waxapples on a hot summer day. In the song “Look Out,” one may be reminded of past memories, encompassing a cherubic voice along with the inviting artistry of the band’s instrument playing is worthwhile. Listening to Waxapples may be a whiff of fresh air; in the song “Lucky Stars” and “Over Again,” the band features their ability to intertwine rock, grunge, and great guitar riffs. With fun tunes such as “Hollywood,” and “Tush,” what more could one want to listen to during
the summer?



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