Grunge veterans 99 Burning unleash the ’90s again

February 10, 2008 at 10:20 pm (Grunge)


Derek’s New Music Bin

Artist: 99 Burning

Album: Midnight in America

Rating: 8/10

Official Website:

Written by Derek Jensen

99 Burning are actually not new and, quite frankly, they’re nothing new, either. And while I am not in this field to commend artists who aren’t recording material that is fresh or original, I have to applaud 99 Burning for doing the alternative metal sound so well. The easiest comparison to make would be Stone Temple Pilots’ “Sex Type Thing.” What made “Sex Type Thing” so immensely popular in 1993 was how it took the black-coffee bitterness of grunge and gave it a sinfully tempting metallic beat. 99 Burning pretty much do the same, taking the rage and fatalism of grunge and funking it up. This is most personified by “She’s My Addiction,” “TV Child,” “Cat,” and “Lonely Skies,” four tracks that really burn the carpet with sizzling guitar heroics.

The pummeling “She’s My Nightmare” comes the closest to what grunge actually was, producing a big, loud cloud of guitar shrapnel that chokes the speakers. The creepily titled “7 Devils” is actually more melodic than it suggests, opening relatively softly then picking up tempo. Overall, I enjoyed this trip down memory lane, and for all those cynics out there who think that 99 Burning are merely trying to unleash ’90s nostalgia – you’re wrong. 99 Burning have been around for nearly two decades.


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