The Knockarounds outdo Weezer on energetic, smart-ass EP

January 30, 2008 at 6:49 am (Power Pop)

Derek’s New Music Bin

Artist: The Knockarounds

Album: The Hurt Stays (EP)

Rating: 8/10

Official Website:

Written by Derek Jensen

BeforeĀ I bestow my praise upon the Knockarounds, I just want to welcome all of the readers who have followed me here from my days blasting or applauding the various print weeklies I had once slaved for. Yes, my friends, it was time to split from such archaic vehicles. And what better way to celebrate it than with the Knockarounds, a Los Angeles-based power-pop combo with the smart-ass wit of Superdrag and the pedal-to-the-floor guitar hooks of the Killers.

However, despite the Killers comparison and a tune dedicated to Goth rock royalty Siouxsie Sioux (“Siouxsie Is My Goth Queen”), the Knockarounds are not some dark group. Rather, the Knockarounds have energy to burn and hummable, if sometimes subversive (listen to “On Your Back”), lyrics. The band is more melodic and upbeat than any of the emo acts out now, unafraid of sounding adolescent but steps away from being obnoxious. The title track will remind you of Weezer when they were still worth checking out. Ouch. I’m sure that pained a couple of you out there; however, it’s true. At only five cuts, the Knockarounds make you wish for a full platter but that just means I’ll chew on this candy much longer.


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